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Search by cross-reference

This page shows how to use extern IDs to query Animeshon's Knowledge Base and retrieve all linked entities. Searching by external cross-reference is useful when building applications or scripts already based on external provider's IDs.


kind specifies the kind of the entity in the external provider.

namespace specifies which external provider the entity id belongs to.

Replace [TRACKER-NAME] with the external ID.


In the following example, replace [TRACKER-NAME] with 239 to search for ANIDB's Anime 239


Visit to browse the GraphQL embedded documentation.

There is a single unified endpoint for Animeshon GraphQL queries and mutations:

query {
getCrossReferences(kind: Anime, namespace: ANIDB, id: "[EXTERNAL-ID]") {
... on CrossReference {
resource {
... on GraphGeneric {
names {
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