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There is a global limit across all Animeshon services and public websites of 5.000 request per minute per remote address. There is also a global limit across all Animeshon API endpoints of 1.000 anonymous requests per minute per remote address and 2.500 authenticated requests per minute per identity (user or service account). Finally, there is a global restriction of 500 requests per minute to the same service and method.

Globalremote address5.000 requestsper minute
API services (globally)remote address1.000 requestsper minute
API services (globally)identity2.500 requestsper minute
Each API method*500 requestsper minute


All authentication endpoints such as login, registration, and recovery are subjected to strict limitations to prevent bruteforce attack vectors.


Some services might implement global limits to reduce workload pressure or resource consumption globally. Such limits affect all users and remote addresses independently from their own individual resource consumption.


There is a global limit of 10.000 images uploaded or imported per hour.

Image APIUploadImage*10.000 requestsper hour
Image APIImportImage*10.000 requestsper hour