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Product documentation

The Product service is responsible for the management of physical and digital goods.


The Product service is in pre-alpha stage which means that the product is in early-stage development and some features might be missing, broken or behave unexpectedly.


The only products currently supported are digital chapters.

Digital chapters

Digital chapters represent the digital version of a chapter and are composed by pages, in the format of images, and a product language. Digital chapters can be associated with light novels or graphic novels from the Animeshon Graph Knowledge Base through a new Release.

Upon creation of a new product, a new album will be allocated where all the pages must be uploaded as images. The newly created album is system-managed and cannot be updated or deleted manually, its entire lifecyle is managed by its parent product.

IAM and product visibility

Products can not be made publicly available through IAM permissions. The visibility of products is completely managed through releases, which means that whenever a product should be made available to the public a new release must be created.