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Multimedia documentation

The Multimedia service is responsible for the management of all abstract multimedia resources. Physical and digital goods are managed by other services and APIs such as the Product service.

Updating resources

All changes to Multimedia resources must be done through contributions inside the Knowledge service. All users are allowed to propose new changes to keep the information up-to-date and correct. Contributions will be reviewed and approved by a selected group of moderators. Only high-level administrators are allowed to bypass the contribution process and write or delete resources directly through the Multimedia API.

Resources and Hierarchy

The top-level resources include the following:

  • Anime (animated stories in the format of japanese cartoons)
  • Graphic Novels (comics-style stories like Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, an so on)
  • Light Novels (book-style stories with few images)
  • Visual Novels (interactive stories in the format of videogames)

Second-level resources include the following:

  • Chapters (parent resources can be graphic and light novels)
  • Episodes (parent resources can only be anime)
Light Novels
Graphic Novels
Visual Novels

Resources like ONA, OVA, Movies and so on are sub-types of Anime resources. Resources like Manga, Manhwa, Manhua and so on are sub-types of Graphic Novels resources.

Reconciliation with the graph knowledge-base

All resources stored in the Multimedia service are exported to the graph knowledge-base, sometimes data stored in the service can fall out of sync with the knowledge-base, this is why manual reconciliation of resources is possible to ensure that the state in the graph is up-to-date.

Insight: Multimedia is the source-of-truth for all the resources listed above. This means that it is possible to completely rebuild the entire graph knowledge-base from scratch at any time.