We believe in the inherent potential which lies in the interaction between people bound by a common passion. We believe that humanity should not be restricted by technological limits. We believe that you should be provided with any means possible in order to ultimately make your fantasy real.

The mission of Animeshon is to provide the community of Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Doujinshi, Visual Novels, and all other Japanese Multimedia content, with the tools necessary to actively contribute to the development of the culture itself.

Animeshon believes that the most effective way to enjoy and discover this culture lies in the accessibility and the availability to both consume and interact with the content we love.

Animeshon acknowledges the passion which brightly burns in the hearts and actions of the wonderful community which instinctively keeps this culture alive and swear to invest all of its resources in the development of a technological ecosystem which will serve as core foundation for the realization of new projects and ideas.

Animeshon, designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.