The Ecosystem#

This page shows how Animeshon's products and services are ment to interact with each other, with the users, with the content creators and with third-party services. The compoenets will be released according to Animeshon Roadmap.

All the Tools, Service and features Animeshon plans to release to the community are ment to become the foundation of a new Japanese Multimedia Content's Ecosystem. We expect this Ecosystem to be highly technological, inclusive and interactive for all segments involved.

We internally created two macro objectives to achieve in order to reach Animeshon's final goal:

  • Release of a foundation toolset to the public
    This phase is ment to improve the interaction's quality of the Community with the existing content through the standardization and exposure of available informations.
  • Development of a Platform-Economy
    The creation a place where Artists, Fans and Translators can directly interact creating value for everyone.
    This phase is ment to disrupt the way in which new content is produced, distributed and supported.

We are currentrly developing the components required to create the foundation toolset addressed to the worldwide Community, prioritizing the user experience, enjoyment and discovery of the content.

The Ecosystem#

Animeshon's Ecosystem


As shown in the above diagram, the core of our Ecosystem is Detabesu, a Graph-Knowledge Base containing virtually all existing information about the Japanese Multimedia Industry. Detabesu has been designed to be expanded and kept up-to-date in two different ways:

We expect Detabesu to become a stable and self-updating source of truth for every user, developer and third-party systems.

The entire dataset is exposed by a powerful GraphQL Interface which allows third-party systems to traverse the Knowledge Base without constraints or restrictions.


Oracolo provides search capabilities against Databesu's data. It will be a powerful entrypoint capable of text search as well as reverse image / video search.

Oracolo will expose both REST APIs and GraphQL interfaces to allow the direct integration of the search capability of this component by third-party services.

OAuth 2.0#

This section is not available yet.

Open-Source Encyclopedia#

Animeshon plans to develop an open source Encyclopedia designed to visualize and interact directly with the Detabesu's data. The Encyclopedia will be our official gateway to consult, navigate, discuss, rate and discover the informations Animeshon provides to the public.


This component targets only the final user, not developers and third-party systems directly.

Media Platform#

The last component of the Ecosystem is a Media Platform driven by our Platform-Economy concept.

Given the complexity and requirement of this component, we expect it to be developed and released after the stabilization of the other components.