The roadmap provided might be subject to changes.


FeatureStatusScheduled Release
Permissioning and AuthenticationEarly development┬╣TBD┬│
Rate limitBeta versionTBD┬│
Custom resolvers (community-driven)Evaluation┬▓TBD┬│
Universe generationBeta versionJanuary 2021
Canonicals generationBeta versionJanuary 2021
Federation of Detabesu with OracoloBeta versionFebruary 2021

(┬╣) Early development: Development has started but no proof-of-concept has been approved yet.
(┬▓) Evaluation: Support for this content has been discussed but is not planned yet.
(┬│) TBD: The timeline or release schedule for this product is still to be decided.


With the term federation we mean the incapsulation of each service's functionality in a single gateway which will expose all the resources through single GraphQL interface, hiding a lot of bolerplate logic from the user/developer.