Welcome to Detabesu, the Graph-Knowledge Base#

Detabesu is the first Graph-Knowledge Base easily expandable, integrable and consultable of Japanese Multimedia Content.

Detabesu's development state is available in Detabesu Roadmap section.

Detabesu proposes a new way of manage and take advantage of the available informations about the Japanese Multimedia Indutry combining three key concepts:

  • Availability of information:
    Detabesu has been designed to contain information about all available content in all available multimedia support. Community contribution to Detabesu and Mass Import into Detabesu (Wormhole Pipeline) of external datasources are key milestones to ensure that Detabesu stays up-to-date with the industry and ensures the support of new content's typology.

  • Interconnection of the information:
    Detabesu allows different content on different multimedia support to be easily linked and referenced. Providing a thightly interconected dataset, it allows users and developer to explore new aspects of the industry and discover new way to enjoy the content not as a standalone piece of art but as part of a bigger picture.

  • Query Power:
    Detabesu is powered by a Graph Database. Graph Databases are known to be particularly suitable to manage higly interconnected data and offer powerfull query language to traverse the graph with minimum effort. This structure allows users and developers to explore the connections between Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Visual Novels, Person, Companies, Geographycal Area, Date simply traversing the relations.


    Given an Anime, it's possible to get the related companies to the companies involved in the production of it's Visual Novel adaptation by simply following the ouotgoing edges from the selected Anime.

Detabesu, along with it's GraphQL intefaces, gives to the user and developer complete power about what data and how to retrieve information, offering a powerfull, fast and declarative tool capable of accept, manage and query very complex and tightly interconnected data structures.

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