A Big Graph#

Detabesu is powered by a Graph Database. The data is imported and exposed as a big Graph composed by Nodes, the actual data, and Edges representing the relation between data.

Graph The graph generated by the first 5 random anime present in Detabesu

Traverse the Graph#

Given an entry-node Graph Database allows to traverse the outgoing edges and reach related nodes (data) recursivelly. The capability of easily reach any N-distant linked Node by simply traverse the outgoing Edges is what distinguish a Graph Database from a Relational one.

As long as 2 nodes are linked with N-Step Edges, it's possible to build a O(N) execution time query starting from the entry-node to the target-node.

Traverse a Graph

The flexibility of the Graph Databases well synergizes with declarative query languages like GraphQL. Detabesu offers a rich GraphQL Interface which reflects completelly the underlying satabase schema, allowing developers to traverse the knowledge base as they please.