Welcome to the official Animeshon Documentation#

Animeshon, designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

This documentation will provide definitions, concepts, and tutorials of how to use and integrate the foundation toolset developed by Animeshon for the Japanese Multimedia Community.

The foundation toolset Animeshon plans to release aims toward the consolidation of the information spread across the internet, ultimately exposing it through a transparent and simple integration layer.

If you ever encountered one of the following questions and you couldn't find a complete and appropriate answer, then you are in the right place:

  • I found this video/image/text, where does it come from?
  • Are there other content of this franchise? Maybe on different multimedia support?
  • Is this the correct order to read/watch this content?
  • Where can I read/watch this content?
  • Are there any similar content I may like?
  • Should I consume some other particular content to fully enjoy the story?
  • I love this voice actress/voice actor; can I find all the content she/he appears in?


Get started with our GraphQL interfaces and explore our Detabesu.

Integrate Ashen functionalities using our REST API interfaces.

OAuth 2.0
Authenticate and Authorize against our infrastructure through OAuth 2.0. One account to manage them all.


Animeshon is improved every day by the growing community and contributors from all over the world.

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Animeshon plans to expand and improve the services provided to the user community and the developer community. Our mission is to create an environment that promotes an open access to information and an easy integration by third-party systems supporting the creation of a new 360° inclusive experience for all enthusiasts of this culture.

A more detailed Roadmap is available in the Ecosystem section.

A Graph-Knowledge Base containing as much information as possible about a large variety of content types of the Japanese Multimedia Industry. The information is strongly consolidated and linked together giving to users and developers the chance to traverse the content in a new, fancy, and powerful way.

Detabesu Import
An integrable pipeline to allow external data sources to import and consolidate their data into Detabesu, increasing the number of cross-references and improving integrability with the ecosystem.

A new, responsive, open-source Encyclopedia to easily consult, rate and discuss your favourite content.

A full-text search engine for accessing the Detabesu dataset through fully integrable interfaces.

Ashen provides index and search functionalities for Anime, Fan-Arts, Cosplays, and Visual Novels through a reverse image search engine.

Ashen Grey
Ashen Grey will provide index and search functionalities for Manga, Doujinshi, and Light Novels through a reverse image search engine.

Search Engine
A search engine for the entire Animeshon platform, which includes all functionalities already exposed by Oracolo, Ashen, and Ashen Grey.

Media Platform
A platform which allows Enthusiasts, Community Translators, and Artists to cooperate, giving birth to the first Platform-Economy in the Japanese Multimedia landscape. Our dream is to provide a place where a direct interaction between all segements is possible.

Social Platform
A platform for sharing opinions, reviews, and feedback.